Information Technology Design, Engineering, & Technician Services

Whether it be setting up the office phones, fixing a crashed computer, building a website, setting up a printer, recommending office productivity software, installing antivirus programs, or anything else in between, we can provide the IT Services you need.
Managed Service Provider (MSP) packages available to combine multiple services into a monthly preventative maintenance plan.
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Computer & Laptop Repair & Setup

Computer crash or need an upgrade? Perhaps you just need assistance with getting a new computer purchased and setup. For all of that and anything else with a computer, we can help!

Please note: We do not fix broken screens from any devices.

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Website Design, Hosting, and Support

It’s no question, with as many options out there, a website still serves as a fantastic central location so people can find out information regarding your brand.

Compared to website building years ago, today’s technology brings the initial costs to much more reasonable levels. Also, reoccurring costs are at all-time great value as well.

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Custom Computer Builds

This company was founded by a PC Gamer, so we take our custom computer builds quite seriously. The sky is the limit, and by that we mean your budget is the only boundary. Water-cooled, fastest DDR Ram & SSDs, and more lights than downtown Chicago. We can help you make that dream machine a reality!

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Remote Monitoring and Support

Thanks to the great technology in today’s world, we can check on the health of your systems without intruding into your valuable time. Through Remote Monitoring and Support, we can not only keep track of health status, but also give recommendations for preventative maintenance.

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Data Backup Solutions

Having your data backed up properly is something many do not take as seriously as it should. CRIT Solution can help you get to where you need to be for your personal or business matters.

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Technical Training

All of the technology of the world at your fingertips means nothing if you do not know how to use their vast features. More so, without proper training you are wasting money by not utilizing your products to their full potential.

We can help by giving tailored training to your learning type. Through effective and friendly sessions, we will make sure you are fully prepared to get the job done.

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Office Phone Repair and Setup

Whether it’s a traditional phone line or VoIP service, we can help by setting up and maintaining service.

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Professional Email Setup and Support

If you’re running a business, you need professional looking email. No question. For example, looks a ton better than Also consider that some of your potential customers will see a custom domain email address as a more polished approach to your brand. Not to mention you don’t have to look long in today’s world to find someone being scammed by fake content. Having a custom domain email helps to give confidence in your potential customers that you know what you’re doing.

That all being said, there are many technical benefits to having professional email service. More often than not, email services can be paired with office productivity software, backed up cloud storage, and a much larger mailbox limit compared to free accounts. Compared to email hosting years ago, today’s technology brings the initial costs to much more reasonable levels. Also, reoccurring costs are at all-time great value as well.